I need to buy 1UP Presents and SCROLL


I’ve been getting back into the habit of reading Jeremy Parish’s GameSpite blog of late, probably inspired by listening to old Retronauts podcasts (just finished number… 61? It was the Persona podcast). Anywho, apart from wanting to buy the complete set of GameSpite Quarterly to date (now up to Volume 8), he has recently plugged the new on-demand publication coming out of the 1UP stables, 1UP Presents. The page count is low, but given it’s on demand, I think the price isn’t too shabby (available here). The only bummer is that international postage is $13 or so. Since that covers up to 5 magazines in a single hit though, it just means I’ll wait for a few issues to come out to make the most of that postage cost.


However, what was also interesting is that fellow 1UP stalwart Ray Barnholt has started up another publication via HP’s same MagCloud on-demand print service titled SCROLL. The scope seems a little more retro-focused compared to 1up Presents, but it’s definitely a nice complement. Currently, issues 1 and 2 are available. I love publications on retro stuff (which is why I love Retrogamer), so it’s been added to my “to-get” list 🙂

The good news is that they’re both on MagCloud, so that $13 postage fee for up to five magazines? I’m already at three when you consider there’s one issue of 1UP Presents and two issues of SCROLL available. All I need are two more magazines and I’m sorted for an order 🙂

Something Awful presents movie posters as video games (book covers too!)

Was reading this up via Kotaku – the community over at the Something Awful forums have been putting together movie posters, but changing the titles to those of video games. Makes for some amusing cross-overs (click for larger versions):

Movies with video game names - F-Zero Movies with video game names - House of the Dead Overkill Movies with video game names - Cannon Fodder Movies with video game names - Bomberman Movies with video game names - Space Invaders
Movies with video game names - Dynasty Warriors Movies with video game names - Snatcher Movies with video game names - Road Rash

Source: Something Awful forums, Movies with video game names

This isn’t the first time they’ve come up with some classy takes on video games – inspired by Olly Moss’ Video Game Classics project (which were featured in Edge and Kotaku amongst other sites/magazines), the folks over at Something Awful took a spin at creating video game covers in the stylistic vein of the old book covers Penguin and co. produced yesteryear:

Video game covers as classic books - Hitman: Blood Money Video game covers as classic books - Bubble Bobble Video game covers as classic books - Killer 7

Source: Something Awful forums, Make video game covers classy

Those are just a small collection of what’s out there, so I’d recommend you check out the links above for more goodies 🙂 If any of the authors of the above want additional credit/links added, I’m more than happy to do so – either leave a comment or send me an e-mail and I’ll make the changes to the metadata and update this post!