Daytona and Crazy Taxi music… on the Master System!

I jumped onto YouTube to look up some Master System music and came across these three examples of awesomeness from otobeya.

From the description and listening to them, it looks like he’s used the Master System’s PSG audio chipset to play back some amazingly good approximations of “King of Speed” and “Sky High” from Daytona (the tracks from the Beginner and Advanced tracks respectively):

King of Speed

Sky High

It was actually this cover of The Offsrping’s “All I Want” (infamous in nerd circles for being the first track that fires up for Crazy Taxi’s attract mode and the starting track for getting into the game proper) that I first found when hunting for compilations:

All I Want

I absolutely love these instances of retroactively dialing back more modern tracks and running them on old hardware 🙂 If you enjoyed the above, be sure to check out his channel – plenty of good stuff in there 🙂

Something Awful presents movie posters as video games (book covers too!)

Was reading this up via Kotaku – the community over at the Something Awful forums have been putting together movie posters, but changing the titles to those of video games. Makes for some amusing cross-overs (click for larger versions):

Movies with video game names - F-Zero Movies with video game names - House of the Dead Overkill Movies with video game names - Cannon Fodder Movies with video game names - Bomberman Movies with video game names - Space Invaders
Movies with video game names - Dynasty Warriors Movies with video game names - Snatcher Movies with video game names - Road Rash

Source: Something Awful forums, Movies with video game names

This isn’t the first time they’ve come up with some classy takes on video games – inspired by Olly Moss’ Video Game Classics project (which were featured in Edge and Kotaku amongst other sites/magazines), the folks over at Something Awful took a spin at creating video game covers in the stylistic vein of the old book covers Penguin and co. produced yesteryear:

Video game covers as classic books - Hitman: Blood Money Video game covers as classic books - Bubble Bobble Video game covers as classic books - Killer 7

Source: Something Awful forums, Make video game covers classy

Those are just a small collection of what’s out there, so I’d recommend you check out the links above for more goodies 🙂 If any of the authors of the above want additional credit/links added, I’m more than happy to do so – either leave a comment or send me an e-mail and I’ll make the changes to the metadata and update this post!