Phantasy Star: Generation 1 has been translated!!

The amazing Phantasy Star: Generation 1 remake has been translated into English!!! Phantasy Star Cave has reported that member Kyence has worked her magic and the translated patch is now available over at Phantasy Star Cave.

This is unbelievable news given the game never received a translation by Sega. What’s even better is that she’s indicated that she’s keen to give Phantasy Star: Generation 2 a whirl next 🙂

In the meantime, grab the patch and download it. If you’re having trouble getting through the game (though I’m sure some FAQs will follow), you can always go through some of the tips I put together when I played through the game in Japanese.

Props to Retro Gaming Australia for the source!

Sally in… Sonic 1???

I’m on a roll today 🙂

Whilst hunting for the footage on YouTube on Sonic 4, I started doing the whole click-click-click thing you do on YouTube when looking up related videos, and came across this little awesome Sonic 1 hack:

Isn’t that cool? I used to watch the Sonic cartoon when I was a kid that had Sally and all those other weird auxiliary characters, and this is a really cool hack of the original Sonic game! Might have to see if I can find a copy of it to cram onto the cart I use for playing imports on my Mega CD since it can also act as a quasi-gimped flash cart.