Retro gaming blogs

I’ve recently added some new blogs to my links and thought I’d give them a plug since I’ve been enjoying reading them of late:

  • GameSpite
    Jeremy Parish’s gaming blog – not necessarily retro, but often covers old games along with the new ones. I’ve been listening to Retronauts since late-2006, so the blog makes for good reading. It’s also a frequent reminder I need to get around to ordering GameSpite Quarterly, as well as some other print-on-demand eMags.
  • Guru Meditation
    Blog from another local Australian retro gamer – found out about his blog via Aussie Arcade and proceeded to leave numerous comments on there. Hopefully they’re not being regarded as spam 😛
  • Famicomblog
    This one’s written by someone living in Japan hunting for old Famicom games. This is an awesome premise in and of itself, and it helps that the content’s fun. I discovered this one from Guru Meditation’s blog, so I can’t take credit for being clever and sourcing it via general Famicom hunting 😛
  • Old School Gaming Blog
    Another blog I discovered via Guru Meditation, but this one has an emphasis on old Commodore stuff (well, so far anyways), so plenty of Amiga and C64 goodness. I love my C64 and am only a fledgling Amiga gamer (didn’t have one back in the day – we went from our C64 in 1988 to a 386DX40 in 1993), but there’s some great stuff in there.

I’ve done some random Googling for updated/maintained blogs on retro gaming a while back and didn’t come back with much, so I’ve started checking out recommended sites from other places, or sites from people commenting on other blogs and figured I’d return the favour.

I need to buy 1UP Presents and SCROLL


I’ve been getting back into the habit of reading Jeremy Parish’s GameSpite blog of late, probably inspired by listening to old Retronauts podcasts (just finished number… 61? It was the Persona podcast). Anywho, apart from wanting to buy the complete set of GameSpite Quarterly to date (now up to Volume 8), he has recently plugged the new on-demand publication coming out of the 1UP stables, 1UP Presents. The page count is low, but given it’s on demand, I think the price isn’t too shabby (available here). The only bummer is that international postage is $13 or so. Since that covers up to 5 magazines in a single hit though, it just means I’ll wait for a few issues to come out to make the most of that postage cost.


However, what was also interesting is that fellow 1UP stalwart Ray Barnholt has started up another publication via HP’s same MagCloud on-demand print service titled SCROLL. The scope seems a little more retro-focused compared to 1up Presents, but it’s definitely a nice complement. Currently, issues 1 and 2 are available. I love publications on retro stuff (which is why I love Retrogamer), so it’s been added to my “to-get” list 🙂

The good news is that they’re both on MagCloud, so that $13 postage fee for up to five magazines? I’m already at three when you consider there’s one issue of 1UP Presents and two issues of SCROLL available. All I need are two more magazines and I’m sorted for an order 🙂