The 2010 C64 haul

C64 - second haul

The images have been in the gallery for ages but I just realised I hadn’t written anything on it!

Last year I picked up a great haul of C64 stuff from a local who was clearing out their old gear. Included in there was a Commodore 1802 monitor, Commodore MPS1250 dot-matrix printer, boxed C64, Commodore 1541-II disk drive, 1530 C2N tape drive and a fair whack of games, including some blank disks (which came in handy when I got my XM-1541 adapter). All up, it was a great haul from a nice local who was happy to see them go to a home that would give them some TLC.

The full roundup is in the C64 collections gallery.


  • Nice! Lucky, lucky man.. so much cool Commodore stuff. Love the monitor! A bit late, but congratulations! 🙂

  • Nah, don’t worry about the belated congrats – it’s all good 🙂 Reading your posts on the search for a monitor made for great reading, I now have another Commodore monitor, but this one’s RGB-ready so it’ll play nicely with my A500 🙂