The 2010 C64 haul

C64 - second haul

The images have been in the gallery for ages but I just realised I hadn’t written anything on it!

Last year I picked up a great haul of C64 stuff from a local who was clearing out their old gear. Included in there was a Commodore 1802 monitor, Commodore MPS1250 dot-matrix printer, boxed C64, Commodore 1541-II disk drive, 1530 C2N tape drive and a fair whack of games, including some blank disks (which came in handy when I got my XM-1541 adapter). All up, it was a great haul from a nice local who was happy to see them go to a home that would give them some TLC.

The full roundup is in the C64 collections gallery.

Overhauling the Sega Astro City – Part 4, PC addition

Continuing on from part 3 of this series, let’s move on to part 4 – adding a PC to the cab.

This one came as a bit of an afterthought, but after upgrading my old workhorse S478 P4 3.2ghz PC, I thought it would probably be fine getting relegated to the cab. The cost adding this functionality is pretty minimal, as I still have the valid XP license and the video card’s an ATi Radeon, which have good rates of success running Soft15k. All I’ll need is a J-PAC, and I’ll be fine.

To simplify the procedure, I’ll keep the network card in the machine and administer the PC over the network, and run a customised nLite install to trim out all the unnecessary gear. I’ll rig a momentary push-button to take care of powering on the PC with one of the spare slots I have under the CP (or I’ll add it to the project box housing the switches for the fans, negatron, etc) and mount the PC inside the cab. Easy. I’ll have to customise the gamelist to suit the hardware and monitor since I’m only after 15k titles, but it shouldn’t be too tricky. As a bonus, it also means I can use my recently acquired XM1541 adapter to run off the machines LPT port since my new desktop PC lacks that kind of hardware.

So that’s part 4 – part 5 will note the summary, and the posts thereafter will be ad-hoc updates.

To keep track of the whole project, just use the Sega Astro City Overhaul tag – the whole series will be added to it over time.