C64 serial cable arrived!

Awesome news, the new serial cable I ordered from Chaoticjelly Games a few weeks ago arrived in the post last week, and unlike the serial cable I built myself about a month ago, this one actually worked 🙂

C64 hooked up with FDD!

So, to take a stroll down memory lane, out came the ECP pack again!

ECP disks

So I plonked it in, gave it a whirl, and got a reaction from the Excelerator Plus 1541 clone drive:

1541 clone disk drive - accessing

I didn’t spend too much time gaming as I was giving it a quick go before being a responsible husband and started cooking dinner for Wifey and I. However, I did get the chance to give Alien Kill 2 and Robotech a whirl – see below for the full story in image format! As always, click any of the thumbnails for the full version and random commentary.


  • Dave says:

    Nice stuff man! Makes me wish my c64 still worked.

    -Artist formally known as El^Presidente

  • Yeah, back when I was a kid we sold off our C64 because of how munted it got. Looking back, probably wouldn’t have been too hard to fix — funny how that happens. I reckon when our Atari 2600 died when I was a little kid and we got rid of it, all it probably needed was a new AC adapter!