Sonic 2 HD is… shaping up really, really well!


UPDATE: Turns out there is some keylogging under the hood, be sure to protect yourself if you have downloaded and used played the demo, which I’ve noted in an updated post.

While checking out awesome website Retro Collect, I came across the news that the Unofficial Sonic The Hedgehog 2 HD Project has a new alpha build out for download.

I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but here’s a video:

Unbelievable or what?

In a perfect world, Sega would repeat their sterling effort that resulted in the fantastic Sonic CD port now available on PSN and XBLA. While I’ll happily play Sonic 2 HD on my PC, it deserves a commercial release on a console hooked up to a TV 😀

Thanks to Retro Collect, who in turn have acknowledged the original source, Sonic Retro.


  • Ji-L87 says:

    One part of me loves what I’m seeing, another part of me is really missing the pixels, last part just digs the music.

    It looks good, but I’ve having a bit of a problem with how “soft”, some things are shaded. Only a minor complaint though. The loading screens are looking pretty slick, and I’m happy they didn’t decide to be all “edgy” or “modern” and techno-remix all the music :p

  • Retro Games says:

    Looks incredible doesn’t it? Can’t wait to see Chemical Plant Zone in HD glory 🙂

  • @Ji-L87: Yeah, the lack of pixels threw me a little at first, but I’d recommend grabbing the Alpha and giving it a whirl, as it really does look stunning in motion – the “softness” is more of an issue with the video encoding, as it looks deliciously razor-sharp when played on a PC. I also really liked the way the levels transitioned too, very slick.

    @Retro Games: Man, you’re right – Chemical Plant would look spectacular if it receives the same level of polish, same for Mystic Ruins!