Super Gaijin Ultra Gamer is live!

Two posts in one week? Madness!

I’m actually posting this one to plug a new blog being run by a fellow Australian retro gamer – the catch is that he lives in Japan and seems to come across all sorts of awesome stuff 🙂

The site is Super Gaijin Ultra Gamer ( and is currently live with some early content.

Given the retro adventures he regularly has, I suspect there’ll be plenty of interesting content on the way with plenty of pics showing off the weird and wonderful stuff you will only find in Japan 🙂

And if you forget the site, it’s been added to the links on the right hand side of Retro Otaku under “Gamage”.



  • Thanks for the heads-up! The website has been bookmarked, ready to investigated in full later today. 🙂

  • Frank_fjs says:

    Thanks from me for the heads-up too!

    I knew this was in the works but kind of forgot about it, very glad to see it come to fruition.

  • Hollo says:

    Thanks so much for helping to get this up and running. It’s very much appreciated, and hopefully I can
    get enough content running to make for an interesting read.
    At the very least there’ll be interesting pictures. 😀

  • @Old School Game Blog: Fantastic, I think you’ll enjoy Hollo’s work!

    @Frank: I know, glad I finally got off my behind to help set everything up, Hollo’s been very patient!!!

    @Hollo: My pleasure – looking forward to seeing more content on your blog, you get up to some pretty amazing stuff over there!

  • @Sean

    Sure do. 🙂 Lot’s of cool stuff to explore there. Today I read about the Wonderswan, which is an interesting piece of hardware.