The Last Gamer – essential viewing and reading

Just thought I’d plug a fellow gamer’s amazing series of videos and the recently announced website, Last Gamer.

The first video I saw by Joel was his Afterburner review, where he took us through the various ports of Afterburner over the years, and then finishes off with the amazing Afterburner 2 DX cab. But don’t take my word for it, take his:

His latest round of videos have documented, from start to finish, the building and move-in of his new console games room, and the thing is magnificent to behold! And because I’m such a nice guy, here they are in order:

Oh, and be sure to checkout the Q&A session for a great story about his early days running an import store and an amazing phone call with Capcom Japan 🙂

Well done on the amazing job done Joel, and congrats on getting the website up! Looking forward to the impending video, as it’s going to involve what might be my favourite console – the Saturn 😉

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