Japan 2012 Travel Diary, Day 11




  • Ji-L87 says:

    Wouldn’t mind me one of those waffles 🙂
    Really sounds like the trip was pretty smooth for you, without much hiccups.

    Will you have a complete loot report at the end? 😀

  • On the whole the trip went off without too many hitches, and on those occasions when things got tricky we’d planned our itinerary with a degree of flexibility. Mind, I’m saying “we” when Wifey deserves most of the credit, she’s an awesome planner 🙂

    As for the loot, I can’t remember if I still have all the notes on what I picked up, but I think I have a backup of it somewhere on my PC or iPad to share 🙂 I’ll roll that into the last diary post or a follow-up bit reflecting on the trip, complete with a picture or two hopefully!