More (Australian) retro gaming blogs

Last week I posted about some retro gaming blogs I’ve been reading of late, but two other have caught my attention:

That reminds me of the time when I made a poster of Rocket Knight Adventures back in 1993. It was hand-drawn and everything, and included a quote from the Sega Megazone review that mentioned it being far more enjoyable than a night with Cindy Crawford and a barrel of jellied eels. I’m sure my parents were delighted that their 11-year-old son would put such a memorable comment on a poster about a video game in 1993.

Now I feel sad because it reminds me that I sold off all my video game magazines for practically nothing on eBay when I started Uni in 2000 in an effort to have something of a right-of-passage and farewell High School Sean, as well as scrape some extra cash for Uni life (a serving of chips and gravy from the Unibar made for a cheap but tasty lunch). Now as a man-child in their late-20s (with an understand wife), I regret selling everything off. But I rest at ease in the hope that someone else is dancing a merry jig with their bargain purchase.