Anime Inferno, my new home for my nerd ramblings

Anime Inferno website logo

I’ve starting writing for a new website I’ve put together with some friends called Anime Inferno. We originally started the site when we were at uni, and after letting it fall away for probably close to a decade, we overhauled and re-launched it in July last year.

My work over there has focused on news tidbits, reviewing a lot of anime on DVD and Blu-Ray, posting some occasional impressions on new games and getting excited about the arcade scene. We recently covered a fantastic arcade coop sale from a few weeks back that I’m particularly happy with, if only because I was able to give my camera a workout and get some interesting shots, like this fantastic Space Invaders dedicated cab:

Anime Inferno Space Invaders cab

In terms of this website, I’ll be keeping it up for the foreseeable future so there’s no need to worry with losing any of this content.

Anywho, if you want to keep up with what I’m doing these days, or even if you’re into gaming, anime or manga, check out the new Anime Inferno website at!