Shameless Gaming Month, July 2012 – update 2


So, time for another update!

I haven’t spent much time hammering away at Monster World 4 or the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection – I have been sinking all my gaming time into Phantasy Star 2 though, and it is proving to be an unbelievable experience going back and playing this amazing, seminal JRPG from my childhood. For those who have played through the game, I’ve just finished the dungeons on Dezo and am about to pick up the Neisword to grind my party levels up a bit on Noah, then it’ll be time to take a crack at the double-whammy of end game bosses. I reckon I’ll be able to tidy it up this week, which then leaves a couple of weeks to get stuck into the other titles I’ve picked out for this month.

I’ve actually been documenting my playthrough of Phantasy Star 2 in photos as I’ve played through important plot points or found other bit of trivia, including some hand-written notes by my brother and I had written in the official Phantasy Star 2 hint book that came with our original copy of the game on the SMD back in 1993. I have some ideas on a piece I want to write on the experience for the blog, so be prepared for a lengthy post about reliving one of the pivotal points in my gaming history. I promise it will include hyperbolic overtones (like “pivotal”, “juxtaposition” and “ahead of its time”), because any regular reader of Retro Otaku has probably got the hint that I am prone to suffering the occasional moment of hyperbolic-induced hysteria over something trivial 🙂


  • Ji-L87 says:

    Well, at least you’re making progress and having a good time 😀
    I have a few games I wanted to try out, after I beat a few other, but Phantasy Star Online 2 just launched and I found an english patch for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd…so that’s goodbye to those plans, then.

    And go on and write that planned post, I don’t mind the hyperbolic overtones – even if I have to look up what “juxtaposition” means lol 😀

  • Yup, definitely having a great time making some progress this month 🙂

    It’s funny you mentioned PSO2 – I was determined to ignore it since it isn’t coming to consoles (boo!), but I was watching some footage the other day, and it looks !%$#%@#$%$^@%$@^!@ awesome.

    Thanks for the enthusiasm for the hyperbolic post still on its way – it’s great to see my posts can be educational by firing out unnecessarily complex words 🙂