Shenmue looks amazing in 1080p

Watch that video in 1080p. Right now.

Amazing, huh?

Sega Addicts linked to the above video recently, and fellow gamer CG pointed me in its direction. As an irrational Shenmue fanboy, that video showed how Shenmue 1 and 2 on the DC would look being played in 1080p without any fancy filtering happening… and it looks amazing.

If Sega re-release a HD version of those two games (as already rumoured), I can only hope it looks that good. For now, enjoy the amazingly beautiful video above – it not only looks pretty, but it is also an amazing video showcasing some amazing compiled footage from both games.


  • Ji-L87 says:

    Sweet! Sadly it also makes the game’s rough spots clear as day (trees, low resolution textures). But I can get behind this.

  • Have to agree with Ji-L87 a bit, but I still wouldn’t want to change anything about it either Sean. That video highlights the pure class of the game, and if they concentrate on too much in the way of graphical upgrades they may loose that focus – something we don’t want to happen!

  • Thanks for the feedback guys 🙂 Was interesting how the game upscaled without any fancies in there – even playing the game on the DC back in 2000 when it came out locally I remember noticing the differences between some of the textures and models, and I guess upscaling this exasperates things. But then you look at how well Ryo looked in 1080p, and it really is awesome.

    I’m with Hollo though – I’m happy to see an upgraded set of visuals (particularly if they finish off the series), but not at the expense of achieving the feel of a game in the Shenmue trilogy when they (hopefully!) wrap things up.

  • BRIK says:

    So good! One can only dream for Shenmue 3…