Nerd rush (DSE had a sale)

So, DSE had a big sale today – stuff for super-cheap monies was up for grabs. But, due to working commitments, I wasn’t able to make it for the 9am opening rush and didn’t have any luck on the website either – that had crashed and burned under the strain of the number of fellow nerds jumping in.

So I’m not sure how I want to phrase this post, because it’s very petty to have a whinge just because I missed out. On the upside at least I wasn’t aiming to be greedy – I was after a PSP, DSi and some MS points to start catching up on some XBLA gear, but no luck unfortunately.

I guess the reason I’m a bit frustrated is the way in which my fellow gamers acted in-store – Whirlpoolers have noted that police had been called in on a couple of occasions because a few people chucked wobblies and were abusive towards staff, and stories abound of people combing stores and hoarding like a pack of greedy children let loose in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Perhaps if people had some manners and took what they wanted (versus hoarding stuff to sell for a healthy profit on eBay), I’d be a bit less frustrated.

It’s a very sad reflection on how gamers act when in the presence of a ripper sale.

On the upside, it did result in the following piece of hilarity:

Thanks to adamiam on Whirlpool for the link 🙂

For the record, I popped into a store during my lunch break today and there wasn’t much stuff left – a few games at really good prices, but I already had them so no real utility there. Props to the DSE staff though, the person who served me at the counter when I asked if I’d missed anything after a quick loop around the store was really nice and seemed genuinely apologetic that there wasn’t much left over. Considering they’d probably had to deal with a hoard of tight-arse gamers, I really appreciated the courtesy.

Hopefully in turn I demonstrated that gamers have the capacity for good manners 🙂


  • Frank_fjs says:

    Would have loved a $20 DSi but didn’t have the time to camp out at 7AM this morning – something tells me that even if I did I would have missed out. Their website has them listed for $20 which is a damn tease, as of course it also shows no stock in every single store.

    You’d think that the decent thing to do would have been to limit staff to one item only, oh well.

    Guess we’ll be seeing lots of Dick Smith consoles on eBay over the next few days. 🙂

  • Yeah, me too – dropped by a DSE on the way to the office and would have been third in line if I stuck around, but as others have said, there were plenty of instances of people taking everything and hoarding in order to re-sell. So whose to say one of the guys in front of me wouldn’t have taken all the PSPs and DSi’s?