Setting goals

Yes, I’m still here 🙂 A busy January has kept me from jumping back in, so let’s see how February goes. It also means my favourite blogs (all linked on the right) have had multiple updates I need to catch up on.

In thinking how to start off this year I thought about setting goals and how that plays into my gaming habits. I often overwhelm my spare time with a multitude of things, some of which is productive, some of which isn’t. Taking on big projects should be done accordingly, without going overboard.

So, with all of this in mind, I thought I’d make a few goals for this year:


  • Update at least once a week; possibly two if I’m being ambitious 😉
  • Catch up on some tutes – I have stacks of photos from some Mega Drive 2 mods (including doing the colour mod), Famicom AV mod tute, Saturn Virtua Gun button repair mod and probably a few others I’ve forgotten.
  • Start posting up gaming session images using the video capture thingie I bought ages back.
  • Make some video tutes showing how to hack Phantasy Star: Generation 1 and Generation 2 on the PS2.


  • Play through Phantasy Star 2 in Easy Mode on the Sega Ages Phantasy Star Collection on the PS2.
  • Catch up on downloadable titles on PSN/XBLA.
  • Play more old games, especially Famicom stuff.
  • Get better at Panzer Dragoon Zwei to relive my past glory/skills 😀


  • Finish my Famicom mod (need to swap in a fresh transcoder) and fix the controllers.
  • Replace the dead cart slot in my Saturn.
  • S-video mod my SMS2.


  • Rebuild my gutted Taito Space Invaders cocktail cabinet that’s been gutted and sitting idle for well over 12 months.
  • Finally build the huge switchbox I’ve been wanting to assemble for a few years now.


  • Fellow retro gamer Frank might have convinced me to look into getting a Twin Fami owing to its amazing composite video output; will definitely consider it if the composite video mod on my Famicom doesn’t look comparable.

Oh, and those last two projects will be covered in full on the blog 😀

In addition, there’s also the usual domestic stuff – Wifey has been extremely patient for the last couple of years while I’ve landscaped and irrigated in the gardens, and this year it’s time to start inside the house, so the above will have to be done in conjunction with the house renovations 🙂

Hopefully by putting these down, it will encourage me to actually tackle the issues and not flounder around staring in wonder at the nerdy pile of carts and floppy disks in the nerd room instead of doing something more productive… which happens more often than it really should 😉


  • BRIK says:

    Looking forward to reading about the Famicom AV mod! I’ve been thinking about doing that myself for a while now.

  • Frank_fjs says:

    I hope you do manage to obtain a twin mate, would be nice to have someone to swap disk games with.

    Entirely up to you though, I won’t try to influence you any more than I have.


  • @BRIK: I’ll be sure to post up the details, don’t worry. Hopefully the end result is good!!

    @Frank: Your psychological powers won’t work on me… maybe 🙂

  • Frank_fjs says:

    Think I discovered a small glitch in the matrix. Type a long string of characters as a comment with no spaces and the text stretches beyond the right margin and gets cut off. Only tested in Chrome, so not sure if it’s isolated to that browser only.

  • Sean says:

    Look forward to reading another year of updates! Sound like some decent projects you have planned!

    And I agree with Frank – get a Twin Famicom! And be prepared for …..well, a bit of aggravation with the drive belt most likely, but also a lot of fun:)

  • @Frank: Thanks for the heads-up – sounds like a CSS glitch in my template, will look into it when I get a chance!

    @Sean: Thanks for the genki vibes 🙂 Have really fallen behind on your blog though, so will have to squeeze in a marathon run to catchup on what you’re been up to!!

    And yes, Twin Fami continues to be tempting – to be honest I’m not fussed about much in the way of FDS games, but they’d be fun to mess around with 🙂

  • Good to see you back in business mate! Looking forward to read more about your different projects. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  • Thanks for the kind words mate 🙂 So far I’m managing to keep up with the lite-schedule, fingers crossed I get off my behind and start catching up on my fave blogs (which includes yours of course!) to catch up with what everyone’s been up to 🙂