Chucking a beachie in Whyalla while listening to chiptunes


There’s nothing more country and masculine than chucking a beachie in Whyalla. Especially when listening to chiptunes. Specifically the PSG chiptunes from Wonderboy 3 on the Master System.

I can’t say I’ve done a lot of that in the past, though when I was a kid I remember hooking up my parent’s trusty woodgrain TV to the audio-input of my mini hifi to grab the audio off my consoles, which were hooked up to the TV via RF. Sure the quality was all sorts of awful and a bit hit and miss if the game didn’t have a soundtest, but hey – chiptunes on the run 🙂 These tapes would then be used for killing time in the car for family holidays. My younger brother Tank also appreciated these 😀

As the generations moved on, redbook audio meant it was a little easier to get your video game music on the fly, and of course we’re now in a world where we have direct access to imported OSTs from Japan and my phone doubles as a media player.

So, it was a wonderful mix of old and new last weekend – listening to Wonderboy 3 via an iPhone in a car whilst doing laps of the local haunts. All for no reason.

Thanks to Tank for the local tour 🙂


  • Hi mate!

    Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is “chucking a beachie”?

    Old-school game music rules. 😉

  • lols, that’s a valid question I probably should have clarified, as I only found out about when Wifey and I visited Whyalla a few years back.

    “Chucking a beachie” means driving through the carpark in a loop at one of the main stretches of beach in Whyalla.

    And if I’m wrong, Tank’s welcome to chime in an correct me 🙂

  • Hi mate,

    Thanks for the explanation. 🙂 Now I understand what you mean. The sentence sounds awesome.. “chucking a beachie”.. love it!

  • Tank says:

    Nah, that pretty much sums it up – its a pointless loop of the local streets on and around the beach. It’s surprising how many ways people can extend the standard beachie, but it is an essential time filler for any local and their friends with a licence, a car and too much free time. Obviously the local videogame stores have set their prices too high…

  • @OSGB: Glad you enjoyed a local colloquialism 🙂

    @Sean: Yeah, I’m still around – just the usual Christmas busy stuff that’s keeping me from my usual schedule! Meant to get something up this week, but it’s not going to happen – will have to get something up next week before Christmas though!

    @Tank: Ya~po~ Ottouto! 😀 Thanks for filling in the gaps. PS, Where’s Terry?

  • Thanks for the input, Tank. 🙂