Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” in SID form

I’m quite comfortable admitting that I love Journey in all their cheesy arena rock spectacularity, so I’m understandably chuffed that someone hooked up two SID chips and brought Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” to life, C64-style.

Isn’t that all sorts of awesome? You can indulge in more 80s covers at kevinleerose’s channel. It’s okay, you’re allowed to admit to enjoying 80s arena rock.

And while we’re at it (on the topic of SID covers), I should also post this one up – it’s “Title Theme (Subsong 2)” from the C64 port of Turrican:

Yes, for those playing at home, that is an amazing SID track by the great Chris Hülsbeck… but it is actually a cover of the epic “The Escape” by Vince DiCola, from the animated spectacular of 1986 – Transformers: The Movie.

Fun fact – for our first X-mas, Wifey bought me the OST of Transformers: The Movie. Yes, she’s that awesome.

Oh, and if the name Chris Hülsbeck sounds familiar, its because he was a master of the SID. His original title track for R-Type on the C64 was also the inspiration for the first (and only :P) remix I’ve put together, which I posted up two years ago. I should get around to making a video for that with me failing horribly on R-Type or something and post it on YouTube. If nothing else, it’ll be funny 🙂

This post has turned into a gushing love-fest for the SID. This is a good thing. I blame it on Frank for getting me started on thinking about SID music after my previous post. But it’s the good kind of blame, because every time you listen to a SID, the world becomes a better place.



  • Frank_fjs says:

    LOL, great minds must think alike (or not al all :P)

    I’ve just started creating a new track that attempts to mimic the SID chip vibe:

    Very rough and unpolished, only started it a few days ago.

    Not sure if you’re familiar with it, do a search for a tracking program named FL Studio (AKA Fruity Loops.) It’s not the best one out there, but has a nice interface, sequencer, some good built in synths and is easy to use.

  • That was awesome Frank!

    Over the years I’ve tried messing with soft synths but seem to hit some kind of brick wall and can’t get anywhere. I remember having a blast with ReBirth (which is now Freeware, props to Propellerhead), but had trouble programming it with a mouse and keyboard 😛 I remember giving Fruity Loops a whirl when it first came out, but haven’t messed around with it in years. I’m assuming there are probably plenty of decent tutes out there to get started these days, and I have a small midi keyboard lying around that might be fun to play with.

    But if I did it, I’d like to go for hard retro synths with fun square and triangle waves sounds, like the SID, or the sound in your track. Might have to give it a whirl and see what I can put together. Haven’t tried sequencing much since programming midi rolls in the early days of consumer wavetable sound cards – back then I used to use a software wavetable emulator since the humble SB16 didn’t have much punch with the built-in voices in Windows. Later we upgraded to a SBLive card and could start messing around with different patches and I remember having fun with that. I think I got into using ReBirth around then.

    Hmmm, I’ll stop here – this is way too long for a comment 😛