Insert Credit reminds me I should be a better writer

So, Insert Credit is back in all its glory. Brandon & co.’s manifesto also reminds me I should be a better writer. We’ll see how that goes.

Sometimes I wonder which direction to take this blog – a “serious” treatise on old games, hardware modification tutorials, “look what I bought!” picture galleries, recording a gaming session, reviews? The end result is a bit of a mash, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. The whole point of this blog is to act as a “catch-all” for my thoughts on video games, and given my time dedicated to actually playing games is sporadic and my thoughts on the topic often jumbled, it’s probably a good manifestation of what’s lurking inside my cranium.

If nothing else, at least it’s something to think about.

In the meantime, go and read Insert Credit – I used to check it out regularly for many years, but things dried up in 2009-ish, so it’s good to see everyone back at it. I can only hope one day they’ll cover the amazing news that Valis will be making a proper comeback on a console of some sort as a platformer, and not as a dodgy game on the PC.

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