Big update to the Gaming Sessions gallery

Just another quick one – I’ve finally gotten around to updating the metadata (where possible) on the gaming Sessions galleries, including a couple from last year, what I got up to over Easter and some Panzer Dragoon Saga blurry pictures. A number of the images under some of them aren’t recording all the metadata details for whatever reason, but it’s all there.

I’ve recently grabbed a video capture card as well, so this will mean the May 2010 gallery will be the last of the blurry low-res images 🙂 It also means I can capture video footage for future posts. Of course the only source I can’t capture is the arcade cab, but I’m looking at mounting the digital camera on something for future posts for clearer pics without the frantic snaps I usually take between rounds/hadoukens/etc 🙂

As always, everything’s over in the Image Galleries section.

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