Gaming sessions – 22 February 2009

This one’s a simple one – I only have screen shots of Sonic 2 on the SMS… and it doesn’t look like I got that far either 😛 I was always crap at that bloody hang glider 😛

Gaming sessions – 24 January 2009

First Mega CD post 😀

I know people hate FMV games, but I love the anime LD conversions we saw in PAL territory during the Mega CD era, especially Time Gal. Possibly because I was 12 at the time and thought the girl was pretty hot or something. And I was just starting to get into anime and manga, or as best as you could around 1994/1995 😛 Going back and playing it now makes me thank QTEs in Shenmue, I got a lot further than I had previously 🙂

Next up is Castle of Illusion for the Sega Master System. For those not in the know, the SMS was pretty huge in PAL territories, and we got stacks of great conversions of other Mega Drive games. I didn’t get very far in this playthrough of it, but it was great to jump back in time and give it a whirl. Those Disney platformers were fantastic.

Must have been on an SMS trip that day – there’s the cheated-up Wonderboy III, the first couple of zones of Sonic The Hedgehog, then I swapped sides and fired up the NES for a bit. Played a bit of Super Mario Bros., then some Kung Fu (finished the first run of five floors!!), and then called it a night.

Gaming sessions – 4 January 2009

Obviously I was enjoying my last weekend before heading back to work around that time 🙂

Anywho, played through a couple of retro games – first up are a few screen caps of Asterix on the SMS. This was the first game I bought for my SMS after I got it for my birthday back in 1992, and I bought it primarily based on the cover and the fact I liked the Asterix cartoons I saw on TV and the comics I read 🙂 Turned out to be an awesome purchase, it still holds up as a great platformer today.

The cool thing about it is that I actually finished the game in one sitting – I’d never finished it when I was a kid, so that was pretty awesome. The last screen is of the ending.

Next up is Rocket Knight Adventures, an absolute cracking piece of original IP from Konami on the Mega Drive. While the sequel was pretty lackluster on the SMD (must have been a different studio working on it), this one exudes charm, precision, beauty and a bit of typically Japanese quirkiness. I originally got this one for my birthday in… 1994 I think, I still remember playing it for a few minutes before school that day too!

I was actually sending the pics in this set to my brother who is teaching up in the country while I was playing – he paid me out for pausing the game to take screen shots, so there are a few in there I slipped in whilst trying not to die 😛

Finally there’s Jeffrey from Virtua Fighter Kids on the Saturn. Because he’s awesome.

Gaming sessions – 3 January 2009

This is the first of what will hopefully be an on-going series of image blogs. The image quality isn’t crazy-awesome, but I’m working on the basis of convenience, and since my mobile phone’s camera does a better job taking photos of images on a CRT than my point and shoot digital camera, this’ll suffice 🙂

For this session, I’ve got some snaps from Konami’s excellent licensed Mega Drive platformer, Tiny Toons: Buster’s Hidden Treasure, a few scenes from the intro of Zero Wing (aka the game that inspired the whole All Your Base thing from many years ago, see the Wikipedia entry if you missed it), and a couple of shots from everyone’s favourite mascot game, Segata Sanshiro Shinken Yugi 🙂

Click the thumbnails for full-sized images and commentary.