Belated Sakura Wars: So Long My Love gallery

So, NIS released the bilingual Sakura Wars: So Long My Love back in… April? I actually grabbed it on pre-order back then and took a handful of pics to celebrate its release, along with other Sakura Taisen games I have lying about. Full gallery is below, or you can check out the dedicated page as an alternative.

Marvel vs Capcom CPS2 B-Board :)

Marvel vs Capcom CPS2 B-Board

This one arrived in the post this week 🙂 It’s a phoenixed version of Capcom’s awesome 2D brawler Marvel vs Capcom, and isn’t it a beauty? Haven’t had a chance to give it a whirl as yet since the cab’s got the monitor sitting vertically, so whenever I get around to rotating it back to a horizontal position, I’ll look forward to giving it a go 🙂

Massive cartridge cleaning session

Cartridge cleaning, Winter 2009 (4 of 5)

A few months back I decided to sit down and go through all of my carts and thoroughly clean the contacts on all of them. Despite being a bit finicky over my nerd collection, the reason I actually went and did this was because I’d grab a game off the shelf to play and would end up having to clean the contacts to get it working on whatever system I was playing it on.

So, I hit the windex, grabbed some cotton tips and got cleaning. I didn’t have anywhere near enough cotton tips to spare two per cart, so by the end of the session the cotton tips were absolutely knackered 😛

But hopefully with all that done, it means I won’t have to do it for a long time 🙂 Nowadays whenever I grab an old game that uses a connector (i.e. cart or arcade PCB), I always clean the contact before I get started, saves me doing it down the road I guess 😛

Cartridge cleaning, Winter 2009 (5 of 5)

If you’re keen on a few more pics, check out the Collections – Miscellaneous gallery.

C64 haul

C64 haul

Found an ad in the paper from someone looking at offloading their C64 complete with all sorts of stuff a while back – luckily I got in at the time it was advertised, drove up to their place and came away with a stack of gear! Plenty of edutainment cassettes, some disks, software, original C64 tape drive (never had one of those for our C64 when we were kids, we only had the 1541 Commodore-brand disk drive) and a 3rd party 1541 clone disk drive (the kind that speeds up disk reading and stuff). The only bummer is that there wasn’t a cable for the disk drive, so I’ve finally (as of last week) ordered a replacement one off eBay in the UK. Can’t wait 😀

Atari 2600 get!

Woodgrain Atari 2600 - close-up

Since this one’s a retrospective post (it happened about 6 months ago 😛 ) — managed to score myself an awesome (working!) woodgrain Atari 2600 at the markets. Only had one joystick, but there were plenty of games on offer! Ended up clearing the stall out of most of them, it was truly awesome to head back to my early childhood for some gaming. I still have more titles to grab, but this is an awesome start 🙂

More pics of Atari 2600 stuff are here if you’re interested!