UK:Resistance finishes up, internet weeps

One of my beloved video game websites of satirical English awesomeness has closed up – UK:Resistance announced on March 29 that they were done. Thankfully the website will remain in archive form.

UK:R are of course known for their satirical take on gaming and their posthumous accounts of Sega following the company’s move into 3rd party development. They also struck a brilliant chord amongst fellow nerdy gamers who have become disenfranchised with the sector’s obsession with grey + poo-brown landscapes and the unnecessary amount of testosterone amongst all the copycat companies following Rockstar’s success with the GTA series, and gave us the Blue Skies in Gaming campaign in protest.

I didn’t realise the site had been going for 15 years though, that’s an amazing effort! Be sure to take some time and read through the site, particularly if you “get” English humour 😀