Gaming sessions – 1 March 2009

This will be known as the Sega Saturn/Samurai Shodown 4 edition 🙂

Lotsa screen shots from SS4, note that I’ve paused it almost every time because I was trying to get through the levels as fast as possible to get the special boss endings 🙂 SS4 was the first Samurai Shodown game I invested a fair whack of time in, and aside from the fact that it was a stunning Saturn conversion (of course 😉 ), it proved to be a complex game that demanded a different approach to your typical 2D fighter.

Oh, and Rimururu is tottemo-kawaii as well 😀

Next up is a screen-cap montage from the joygasmic intro from the super-awesome-win Treasure masterpiece, Guradian Heroes. I didn’t play the game, I just felt like watching the intro 😉

Finally we have Sonic 3D on the Saturn showcasing the best part about the game – the special stages. Whilst the Saturn never got a decent Sonic game, Traveler’s Tales’ Sonic 3D was a nice-looking port of the original Mega Drive game with great music and awesome special stages.

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